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Fathers Resources International offers a variety of specialized referrals, services and resources for separated or divorced men and fathers seeking assistance with a Family Law matter primarily in Ontario, Canada.

We serve individuals and families throughout Ontario, including Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Milton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Barrie, Pickering, Clarington, Ajax, Whitby, Clarington, Cobourg, Oshawa, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Orangeville,  York Region, Durham Region, Peel Region and Halton Region, Hamilton, Guelph, Dundas, Ancaster, Brantford, Cambridge, Simcoe, Cayuga, London, Stratford, St. Catharine's, Niagara Falls, and Fort Erie.
We also offer counseling, education and coaching lawyer vetting services worldwide through cost effective virtual local phone numbers for our clients (most major Canadian, US, UK, Australia and New Zealand center local numbers). We have a protocol that works when properly utilized by our clients that puts them on the path to success.
All of the professionals we recommend and refer, specialize in Family Law, Divorce and Separation, and have a track-record of success on behalf of fathers. Since 1994 our strategic analysis, Counseling, Divorce Management Services, Divorce Coaching and referral network of legal and/or other professionals has assisted fathers with positive solutions to their custody, access and support problems.

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Single Dads ~ Separated Dads ~ Divorced Dads

Helping Men and Fathers with Separation and Divorce Concerns Since 1994!

The #1 reason we get great results...


Our overall approach is quite different. We've tested it in 1000's of cases since 1994, and our protocols when followed tend to produce better results, because we WAGE PEACE in Family Court.


Judges are not looking for the parent who can sling the most mud, they are looking for the mature parent who can WAGE PEACE on behalf of their children, to shield them from the ugly messs separation, divorce and Family Court proceedings often become.


We systematically teach you how to become a SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIC DIVORCED DAD as opposed to a STRUGGLING CLUELESS DIVORCED DAD, which is why you began searching for help, which has led you to this website.

 EXPLORE IT...There are a lot of GREAT Free Resources on the site.

AND CALL US at 416-861-0626 OR 1-888-54-DADDY    


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Any lawyer can give legal advice. HOWEVER - All of our lawyers have a proven track record of success with Court orders that verify you are getting qualified legal advice as opposed to unqualified legal advice from a lawyer who does not have court orders to back up their claimed track record. Always ask for Court Orders from your lawyer as proof they have had success helping a man / father acheive the goals you've set out for yourself. Court Orders are Public Documents unles sealed by the Court so there are no privacy issues.


When you meet with us we can show you a very lrge sample of Court orders we have obtained as Court Agent / Law Clerk (prior to changes in the law in 2007 that no longer allow Court Agents, Law Clerks and Paralegals in Family Court).


We also have Court Orders since 1994 proving our experience and that of the lawyers we work with helping and winning and improving situations for Men / Dads in Family Court.


Make sure to check out our CASE STUDY VIDEO on this page. These results are typical when you follow the protocols and education, and mindset we share with our clients through our coaching, counselling, education and lawyer referral services.

Kids Need Dads
Children benefit from both parents!
If you feel you don't have any rights as a dad...
We can help! 
No matter what stage you are at we can help you turn it around to achieve your goals!
Toronto  416-861-0626
Toll-Free  1-888-543-2339 / 1-888-54-DADDY
Our comprehensive set of services and tools have helped 1000s of fathers turn their situation into positive results during separation, divorce and/or if conflict continues after a separation
– both inside and outside of Family Court.

Divorced Dad Minute Podcasts

Divorced Dad Minute Podcasts
One Minute Podcast Tips


DADCAST - Divorced Dads Rights
60 Minute Podcasts 

Parenting Diary

The Parenting Diary
The #1 tool that helps organize all the details to create a parenting plan for Mediation or Family Court.

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Check Out Our Video Case Studies...

Divorced Dad ToolBox
Learn the winning strategies and tactics designed to help eliminate unnecessary legal fees in Family Court 
Download if one of these apply to you:
* MASSIVE Legal Bills
* Losing in Family Court
* Lawyer problems
* Parenting time
* Access Problems
* Child Custody
* Paternity Fraud
* Grandparents rights
* Child support too high
* Can’t settle property
* Ex-wife won’t work
* Alimony Problems
* Judges not listening
Divorce 101: The 7 Steps – The Overview For Single, Separated and Divorced Dads
Includes an Action Guide and Replay of our Q & A Segment
Parental Alienation Syndrome 
CHECKLISTS Series #15 - Top 3 Facts about
PAS: Parental Alienation Syndrome
for Single, Separated and Divorced Dads
Includes an Action Guide and Replay of our Q & A Segment
12 ~ 60-Minute DADCAST Podcast Series Great tips for Divorced Dads DADCAST – Divorced Dads Rights PODCAST  Divorced Dads Rights. Features News, Interviews, Strategies!
1-Minute Podcast Tips for Divorced Dads  Click to listen PODCAST
Audio Replays
DIVORCED DAD ROADMAP Special Report Series TOPIC - Top 10 Family Court Success Strategies for Dads Listen Here
INTERVIEW Bruce Sallan Stay-at-home Dad & Columnist "A Dads Point-of-View" Listen Here
INTERVIEW Joel Schwartzberg talks about his journey into fatherhood as a divorced dad as documented in his new book, "The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad" Listen Here
We Get Results!

A Successful Client, with his son!

Dads in charge
Download this Toronto Star story (above) about Sean Slaven and his son, a Fathers Resources Client who went from almost having his parental rights terminated to having his son up to 65% of the time.


Toronto  416-861-0626

Toll-Free  1-888-543-2339 / 1-888-54-DADDY


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Resource Links
BLOG   Current Divorced Dad News that YOU need to know
FREE Q+A SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS  Attend a Free Support Group meeting - in 2 cities
SERVICES   All legal and other professionals we refer have a track record of success with dads
FAMILY COURT FORMS    Family Court forms (Ontario, Canada ONLY)
FREE RESOURCES  Child Support Guidlines; Layperson Guides; How-to File Paperwork at Court; Court Procedure Guides; Legal Statutes and much more. (Ontario, Canada ONLY)
Are fathers important to children?
98% of Canadians agree Fathers are important to children!
Many fathers feel that they are not treated equally or fairly during separation or divorce, especially when they wish to maintain their parenting relationship with their children. Sometimes their efforts to spend more time with their kids are pegged as suspect or as a means to reduce their child support obligation. The truth is that most fathers genuinely care about the health and welfare of their kids. More importantly, children miss spending time with their dads. Studies prove that consistent parenting time (access/visitation) greatly benefits children self-esteem especially during separation.      
For kids, divorce and separation is a very scary time. They most often do not understand why it's happening and tend to blame themselves. Children may feel lost or vulnerable during this time. To help them through this difficult period, a consistent on-going parenting relationship with both parents can give them the feeling of security they need while eliminating the need to escape – teens, for example may use drugs or alcohol to forget about the pain of the family breakup.
Children suffer the greatest loss!
Loss of their family, stability, security and the benefits of parenting and guidance that they deserve and long for, from both of their parents. Let us help you remain an active parent.
FREE "Q and A" Support Group Meetings Attend our free weekly 'Q & A' Support Group Meetings in Toronto (Wednesdays 7-9pm) or our monthly 'Q & A' Support Group Meetings (Tuesdays 7-9pm) in Hamilton – Meeting Info
You'll meet other divorced dads who can share what has worked, and what has not worked both outside and inside Family Court during negotiations, mediation and at hearings.
Some of these fathers have no lawyer, because they have no funds to sustain the cost of hiring one - together as a group, we help each other become more educated, support each other through the tough times of separation and divorce, and in some instances fathers get together to either watch in Family Court, learning how it operates, or to support each other when they have a hearing before the Family Court.

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We do not offer legal advice at our support group meetings. Legal advice can only be obtained from a lawyer. We do not have a lawyer in attendance at our support group meetings. Our free support group meetings are chaired by a senior certified law clerk who is also a divorced father and an adult child of divorce. Our Support Group meetings are a place to share and exchange personal experience and knowledge about the process of separation and divorce. Discussions at our meetings are of a supportive nature so that fathers can gain a clearer understanding of separation/divorce from the perspective of fathers who have had success in Family Court. Meeting dates are subject to change.


All information, documents, links, resources on this website and the information discussed at our Q&A support group meetings DOES NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE. 
If you wish legal advice please consult with a lawyer. The information on this website is simply one possible starting point for your 'strategic consideration'.
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